Indian CPA firm in Schaumburg

Manen Kothari CPA is of an Indian Origin and gives Indian CPA administrations to both Indian and US customers. Our office is situated in Fremont CA yet we work with customers from around the world. You may be searching for an Indian CPA in light of the fact that you feel good working with somebody talking your dialect. Our office is staff with persons of Indian Origins who talk different Indian Languages. While others like working with Indian CPA fundamentally because of trust. Some of our customers work with us while moving to India or moving from India. Some of our customers searching for Indian CPA are Indian Business Owners.

 Some of the common services customers looking from an Indian CPA are:


  • FBAR Filing (Forign Bank Account Reporting)
  • Indian Bank Account/Income Consultation
  • Consultation For Moving Assets, Money or Income From India.
  • Consultation for setting up a company in United States.
  • Tax Filing and Tax Audit Representation.


Office of Manen Kothari CPA is situated in Fremont CA. We additionally do telephone discussion and video-gatherings for our worldwide customers. Our office can deal with both Business and Individual Tax and bookkeeping needs. We can file your state and federal tax returns, process payroll service, and provide tax audit services.   You can find lots of current tax and accounting information on our website but you can also send us your message via home page or call us for phone or in-person appointment.




Our office can offer you some assistance with setting up the business in United States. You don’t need to be a US Citizen or Resident to begin a business in United States. We can set up a Corporate Structure, Filing appropriate paper work and expenses and process your finance.


Manen Kothari CPA is also a Certified Accountant (CA) from India.  Our Indian CPA services include the setting up of business, moving funds and filing the taxes.  Manen is available for the consultant via phone and email. You can contact him online.

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